Professional Fitness Expert – Teresa Summerlin

Teresa Davis Summerlin’s Accomplishments:


Ms. Fitness Competitions:

1992 Ms. Fitness California 3rd

1992 Ms. Fitness So. Cal 3rd

1992 Ms. Fitness USA 11th

1993 Ms. National Fitness 5th

1994 Ms. Fitness Hollywood 2nd

1995 Ms. Fitness Hollywood Title

1995 Ms. National Fitness 2nd

1996 Ms. Fitness USA 6th

1996 Ms. National Fitness Title & Spirit of Fitness Title

1997 Ms. Fitness USA 7th & Spirit of Fitness Title

1998 Ms. Fitness USA Judge

2000 Triple A Competitions Head Judge Int’l Finals


Association of National Aerobic Championships Worldwide:

1995 Los Angeles Open Mixed Pairs Champions

1995 National Open Silver Medal Champion

1996 National Bronze Medal Champion

1996 World Trials Bronze Medal Champion

1996 Italy Invitational 6th

1996 Los Angeles Open Champion

1997 World Trials Silver Medal Champion (USA “B” Team America)

1997 Sabado Gigante International Champion

1998 National Bronze Medal Champion


Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighter from Beverly Hills – 1994 Teenage Kids TV Show on US Networks.  She was the Centaur the purple alien fighter.

1994 Ms. Fitness USA workout videos- featured instructor aerobic video.  Team member of upper body and lower body videos.