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Naumaste CBD Founder Nazila
BFit Naumaste CBD Founder Nazila

I Am A Wife, A Step-Mom To Two Grown Boys, A Sister, A Daughter, And The Best Fun Aunt Around
Naumate CBD Founder Nazila

I have been a fitness enthusiast since the age of 13. A fitness trainer and nutrition counselor for 37 years and was a former Ms. Fitness USA competitor for many years. The effects of my intense training and the mental demand of competition took its toll on me physically and emotionally.

I was searching for help.

I became to rely on strong prescribed pain killers and came to realize this was detrimental to my wellbeing.

Then as life situations happened and mental and physical declines became apparent with my parents and family, I found myself becoming depressed and suffered from anxiety.

Knowing unnatural prescribed drugs are not healthy, I searched for a healthier alternative and discovered CBD and its benefits.

I started with the Salve and Roll-On to help my joint physical pain and tincture oil to help with anxiety and depression. I quickly began to share my knowledge.

This was the beginning of BFit Naumaste CBD!

B-Fit Naumaste CBD

We are Nation Wide!

BFit Naumaste CBD are trusted by fitness health specialists, wellness people, and medical practitioners. Our passion and motivation comes largely from the fact that so many Americans rely on legal cannabis products for optimum body functioning daily. Some of our family and friends have been diagnosed with anxiety, panic attacks, arthritis as well as back pain and other health conditions that truly rely on our CBD.

We are very motivated and passionate individuals working hard to provide you with effective, affordable and accessible CBD products to users of all backgrounds and needs.

Here at BFit Naumaste CBD we are not here to just sell. Instead we study, use and live CBD so we can educate and spread awareness of its potential to better everyone. We are committed to selling our CBD products that we take ourselves. We provide only the highest quality of CBD products. All our products are free of animal cruelty because we love our furry friends. All our products are made in the USA with the purest hemp plants to benefit our customers. All our products are third party tested, non GMO, all natural, gluten free, and no pesticides. And with our 35 years of knowledge in the health and fitness experience.
BFit Naumaste CBD is compelled to spread the word of CBD and its benefits to help others not to fall in the same trap as I did with unnatural and unhealthy painkillers that eventually caused me more problems. With my fitness background, my CBD knowledge and experience, BFit Naumaste's CBD mission is to share with everyone the physical, mental and overall wellbeing our CBD products and regimes have to offer.

Fitness Brings Us To Life.

BFit Naumaste CBD.

We Thank You For The Support And Your Trust In Us.

Naumaste CBD Supports Wounded Warriors

We Are Supporters Of Our Veterans, DAV.

Please Continue Supporting This Cause As We Donate 10% Of All Proceeds.
BFit Naumaste!