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Naumaste CBD Founder Nazila

I Am A Wife, A Step-Mom To Two Grown Boys, A Sister, A Daughter, And The Best Fun Aunt Around

Naumaste CBD Founder Nazila

I have been a fitness enthusiast since the age of 13. A fitness trainer and nutrition counselor for 37 years and was a former Ms. Fitness USA competitor for many years. The effects of my intense training and the mental demand of competition took its toll on me physically and emotionally.

I was searching for help.

I became to rely on strong prescribed pain killers and came to realize this was detrimental to my wellbeing.

Then as life situations happened and mental and physical declines became apparent with my parents and family, I found myself becoming depressed and suffered from anxiety.

Knowing unnatural prescribed drugs are not healthy, I searched for a healthier alternative and discovered CBD and its benefits.

I started with the Salve and Roll-On to help my joint physical pain and tincture oil to help with anxiety and depression. I quickly began to share my knowledge.

What Our Customers Say

Laura Pontikes

I’ve tried every supplement including melatonin, and many prescriptions to help me sleep at night. I can fall asleep but my problem is staying asleep. After trying Delta 8 CBD gummies, I finally slept all night. I didn’t feel foggy the next morning nor did I have a headache; which I do when I take melatonin. I was so skeptical to try it, but it really does work! This is a great product and I’m so thankful to Nazila for recommending it!

Doc Lutsen

Naumaste products are amazing. Specifically the lotions have been extremely helpful for arthritis in my wrist. The customer service is top notch. Hoping they continue to add to their already fantastic produce line. I recommend their products enthusiastically.

Helen Yonan

Nazila has been very helpful and responsive in recommending products to help with pain management. She has gone over and beyond to have products delivered in an expedient manner

Beth Gable
Happy Customer!

Products are wonderful. The capsules have helped with a more restful sleep and less aches and pains in the morning. The cream has been a miracle treatment for my tennis elbow. I put it on before a match and no pain at all. Highly recommend. Instructions where super clear and thorough.

Annika Winkler
Happy Customer

I have been taking Naumaste CBD tincture for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. Will continue taking it. Before taking the CBD, I had mild anxiety and could not sleep through the night. Since taking it, I sleep throughout the entire night and have felt much more at ease with my anxiety throughout the day. Additionally, I have chronic hip issues with serious pain (sciatica) - the tincture and ESPECIALLY the roll on freeze has severely helped me manage the pain without meds which was my goal. I highly recommend these CBD products - my brother is now hooked too! Thank you SO much Naumaste!

Matt Green Acupuncturist

I'm an acupuncturist and I've been using the salve for a weeks now and I love it. It spreads very well so you don't have to use much at all and the Nano technology in it means you feel the relief quickly and it doesn't take a whole lot to work. I would highly recommend Naumaste products to any and all people seeking relief for aches and pains. The tincture is also great for anxiety and anti-inflammatory relief.

Meg Murray

I struggle with everyday anxiety & panic disorder. So much so that I am prescribed 3 different medications to keep it under control. Even with my medication, I still found that my stress, panic attacks, anxiety & insomnia were completely out of control. In turn, I ended up looking for CBD as a solution to ease some of the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety.

I knew I needed to find high-quality, highly potent CBD in order for it to work for my extreme case. I’m so happy I was able to find Naumaste because not only was it extremely potent, effective & high-quality, but it tastes good too!

I was able to get my first full night’s rest in over a week & this was the calmest, most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. I can tell that this is going to become my go-to in my stress management & I am so grateful I found Naumaste! I will be ordering many more in the future.

Clare Tieman Happy Customer!

I've struggled with chronic headaches, menstrual cramps, and mild insomnia and the Naumaste cbd does wonders for all three of those things!! When I have a really bad headache or menstrual cramps I'll use the tincture and it takes it away and doesn't make me drowsy!! However, if I'm struggling to fall asleep, the tincture helps me goto sleep as well! Absolutely love this product and it actually tastes good!

Gloria Timaran
Satisfied Client
Mojan Shahsavar
Mojan Shahsavar
Amanda Baird
Satisfied Client
Toni Kohler
Satisfied Client

I heard the peach rings were great for relaxation. I tried one last night for the first time and slept soundly. Will try again tonight. Thank you for the great nights sleep

Chloe Drummond
Satisfied Client

Amazing gummies! Took them to help me fall asleep as melatonin doesn’t work well with me (they make me too tired the next day) and these gummies were absolutely perfect! They also taste amazing too!

Joan Stone Satisfied Customer

Solid knowledge of their products and very helpful in guiding the best product for the customer. Thank you Naumaste!

Tom Keefe
Satisfied Customer

Great service and fast delivery. Product works well alleviating shoulder soreness!

DME Pro Media Happy Customer

This product is great. I got it for my mom and she loves it too.. I highly recommend

Hooshang Noori
Happy Customer

I love to used your product it has been helping me for my energy and sleeping and help to not going bathroom 5 times in the nite now I do 1 time,
I have blood cancer last year
Thank you Nazils

Jake Empero
Happy! Happy! Happy!

Best CBD tincture I have tried! Great for anxiety and awesome for sleep enhancement!

Nicole Lopeman
Happy Customer

Amazing product. The first night using this product, I slept 8 hours. I haven’t slept that long in 16 years.

Charlie Happy CLient

Can’t say enough about how great the products are !
I had a high ankle sprain and as I am healing the only relief seems to be with the muscle arthritis salve at night and the roll on during the day ! A+

Milad Angha Happy Customer

Purchased the balm and the results are amazing. It has really helped with my arthritis. It soothes the pain, I highly recommend it!

David Schmidt

After using the Naumaste cubs product the neuropathy in my feet has improved dramatically within the first few days I am shocked and grateful at how good it works thanks Nazilla Craig

Neda Khorrami Happy Client

I can’t even express my feelings towards your products 🙏🏻 All i can say is that i use all three for my migraines/muscle ache/blood circulation/anxiety and not being able to sleep at night and love them and will refer them to everyone. Thank you

Alex Marendino
Happy Customer

For years now it’s been so difficult for me to fall asleep at night, I tired everything... and I’ve had this problem for YEARS! My mind was always racing, over thinking and just planning everything out in my head and the only time of the …

Mike Snetzer
Satisfied Customer

I have severe arthritis. Used the salve after working
In the garden and my back pain became manageable
Thank you NauMaste

Trisha Salvadori
Satisfied Customer

Love this product! Taste amazing, helps me mellow out and enjoy life on life terms. Shipment arrived fast and safe! I will be ordering again! Thank you

Michelle Fiore
Happy Customer

I tried this amazing salve my friend created . Its called Naumaste.
I've been having back problems so she asked me to try it......Well I did and love it. When ever i feel my back tighten i put it on......I recommended it to my friends.
All the information is on her wed site with other great products as well.
Customer for life
Sincerely, Michelle

Nour Khorrami
Happy Customer

This CBD oil really works! It Has helped me with my struggle to fall asleep. The best part about using this product is that it KEEPS me asleep without feeling cloudy when I wake up early at 5am! Love it!

Nimahn Khorrami
Happy Customer

I used so many different products to treat my anxiety and Insomnia, all of which had more cons than pro until this. This pass out immediately with one half dropped full, I sleep the the entire night most importantly, and I’m never groggy the morning after at ALL. Absolute godsent product I would recommend to anybody!

Joyce Kim
Happy Customer

Tell you the truth, I was pretty skeptical at first. Naumaste was recommended to my husband for his knee pain. In any case, I woke up with a severe pain on my forearm. I’ve been taking boxing lessons and I must’ve pinched a nerve or something. In desperation I grabbed the cooling gel out of his gym bag and decided to give it a try. The roll on was super convenient and has light scent. Felt the coolness right away and dried quickly. To my amazement, my arm felt better within 15 minutes... I used it again before I went to bed and woke up w/ zero pain w/ full mobility... Then most recently I tweaked my lower back, so I used the roll on gel, sure enough I was pain free by end of the day! Then last night at dinner, my mom-in-law had neck pain so I roll some on her neck. She was able to move her neck by end of dinner!! Seriouly??? Seriouly!!! If I didn’t experience this for myself I would’ve never believed it.This is truly an amazing product!!! Now I pretty much recommend Naumaste to everyone!!! Good bye Bio Freez, you’ve been replaced!!!!

Leah Leger Happy Customer
Naumaste CBD oil has been very helpful with calming my migraines so they do not become unmanageable. Thank you for your wonderful product/s. I will be ordering from Naumaste again.
Teresa Cefalo
Happy Customer

The Nano Full Spectrum CBD drops have been a life saver for me. I have had trouble sleeping throughout my life and have tried every sleep aid imaginable - melatonin, valerian, chamomile tea, lavender oil, breathing methods, prescription and OTC medications, etc. None have worked for me. I have been taking these drops before going to sleep for the past 3 weeks, and I actually get a full night’s uninterrupted sleep. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to wake up refreshed every morning and without any lingering grogginess. Thank you, Naumaste!

Ashley Guido

After working in the yard all day, my lower back was on fire. Even after stretching, I couldn’t get comfortable and was having trouble falling asleep. I applied Naumaste’s roll-on cooling gel to my lower back, and within 60 seconds, I had relief! It was easy to use, and I didn’t end up with gel under my fingernails as with other products. I fell asleep within minutes and woke up rested and pain-free.

Naumaste’s roll-on cooling gel is my new go-to product. Thanks, Naumaste for making a product that is effective and easy-to-use!

Matt Harris
Happy Customer

Recently purchased the NAUMASTE Cooling Gel for muscle tightness/strains. I’m a very active guy and I’ve suffered from low back pain since college. I apply the cooling gel roller before and after exercise and it truly makes a difference. First time CBD user and I’m very pleased I took the chance on this product!

Testimonial Real Client - CBD Oil
Testimonial Real Client - CBD Oil
Testimonial Real Client - CBD Oil

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